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A Swedish-American Fraternal Organization

Instituted May 20, 1914

Erie, Pennsylvania

Photo: Midsommar   PBellingham

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Svea Lodge #296 WELCOMES YOU to our website.  It is a work in progress.  There is so much information shared on our website, we know you'll need to visit it several times.   

One newest work in progress is the Cultural Resources menu under the Members tab.  We have begun a repository of recipes, media/videos, Scandinavian crafts, a listing of books by Scandinavian authors that have been read by members of the two book clubs.  We hope it is a useful way of sharing our traditions and heritage.  It is for Members Only and you must have a user name and password to log in.  If you need help getting that done, let our Membership Committee know - Pat Bellingham, Lisa Davis, or Kathy Williams.  

Below is a sneak peak at one of the recipes that includes the secret ingredient, it helps keep the cookies crispy - or so Grandma said!  

AS PROMISED, our website now has the capability to accept on-line payments for dues, events, and donations!  If you are interested in joining Svea, go to the Membership Tab, click on the dropdown menu Membership Application for instructions on getting the application and the link to use the Affinipay payment feature.  If you are Renewing, go to the Membership Tab and click on the dropdown menu Renew.   You'll be directed to the payment feature information connected to current members.  If you prefer to use cash or checks, we continue to honor that as well!

If there is something that you would like featured in our News or a program you would like to see, please let us know through Contact Us or better yet - join in at an event!   We would love to see you. 

Sköt om dig!   


Chair, Svea Lodge #296

Erie, PA

Grandma Sandstrom's Spritz Ringer recipe with the secret ingredient.

Spritz Ringers.pdf

Vasa Lunch

formerly known as 

Vasa Breakfast

Is on hiatus until Fall.


Upcoming events

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Join us now to become a member.  Members must be 14 years of age but younger children are always welcome to participate!  

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Jamestown Scandinavian Studies - continue their Scandinavian Studies program at JCC on the first Saturday of the month through May.  If you haven't gotten there yet, be sure to make it May 4th - the last day.

Swing Into Fun at Erie Arts & Culture's First Annual Mini Golf Tournament May 19th, 11AM-4PM!  Get ready for a day of art, music, and mini golf! Erie Arts & Culture invites you to join our community for an engaging day at Oliver’s Bayfront Mini Golf. This isn’t just any mini golf tournament; it’s a celebration of creativity, friendly competition, and our mission to enrich the cultural landscape of our community.

Visitors to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center can now explore the ice age and the Arctic on the big screen in the movie theater.  "Titans of the Ice Age" will be shown Tuesdays through Fridays at 1 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Phrase of the Month:  

A Swede doesn’t say everything if fine, they tell you there is “no danger on the roof”: Ingen fara på taket.

(Not unlike a previous phrase - there's no cow on the ice:  Ingen ko på isen.)

Courtesy: Matador Network

Spring in Scandinavia

Sweden is 70% forest!

Photos courtesy:

E & A Dunhem


Svea Lodge is dramatically  improving its public face with our  Wild Apricot website.  We are so happy to have you here.

We are very excited about this development. Our website describes who the Svea Lodge is, our history, and our ongoing activities. You can also find a description of Vasa Order Of America of which we are the local lodge in Erie, PA.

Keep checking this website for frequent updates and news about the Svea Lodge and our activities.

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Swedish 1

This class is designed for those completely new to Swedish. In Swedish 1, students learn the Swedish alphabet and get familiar with the language’s sounds. Noun gender is introduced and discussed at length, and students break the ice by speaking and listening to the new words they are learning. Numbers are also taught, allowing for discussion on how to tell time and calendars.


This class heavily uses the book Basic Swedish: A Grammar and Workbook by Ian Hinchliffe and Philip Holmes, part of the Routledge Grammar Workbooks series.


  • Alphabet & Sounds (with the letters å, ä, ö)
  • Basic Vocab & Sentences
  • Asking Age and Phone Numbers
  • Personal Pronouns: Subject & Object
  • Noun Gender (en vs. ett)
  • Definite Form of Nouns
  • Plural Nouns
  • Verb Basics
  • Adjective Basics
  • Cardinal Numbers
  • Basic Time Words
  • Telling Time on a Clock

Sundays, 5:00–6:00 p.m. Central
April 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26 (6 weeks)


Register by noon on April 21

$150 / Non-members
$130 / Members
Free / Benefactor-level members

See class policies and descriptions at

A trip of a lifetime - El Camino de Santiago

5ks may be all the rave, but would you walk 75 miles?  350 miles? In Europe, through mountains? On something called The Way of St. James?

El Camino de Santiago is a  walking pilgrimage from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela (St. James of the Field of Stars).   It depends where you start, but most commonly the path begins in France.  People from all walks of life travel it.

Legends says that St. James, Spain’s patron saint, was sent to that area to preach the Gospel before he returned to Judaea and was beheaded in 44 AD.  The El Camino de Santiago ends in Santiago de Compostela, where tradition says the body of Saint James the Apostle rests. A 9th-century hermit Pelayo received a dream revealing the remains of St James, to which the bishop he told decided to check and then told the king.

Some say James’ disciples shipped his body to the Iberian Peninsula for burial, but it was shipwrecked and washed ashore covered in scallops. Others say an angel brought his body back and a groom saying his vows on the beach ended up covered in scallops after his horse spooked and dragged him into the water and they miraculously resurfaced. Either way scallops are a symbol for pilgrims along the Way.

The road years ago was dangerous, for pilgrims and those punished to walk it alike, but today it is a way of pilgrimage, tourism, tradition, and a physical challenge.   (Excerpted from The Catholic Link)

Our very own Arne and Eva Dunhem from Drott Lodge #168 took on this monumental task.   Here are some 'footnotes' from their 350 mile adventure:

The hike is and has been absolutely wonderful, but, of course has taken a lot of our energies. We both got a bad cold, but we will persevere. We will never forget the smell of the cow dung in all the Galician villages we have passed the last few days.  We saw a brand new beautiful big house, like a mansion. But it was in the middle of the smell. Would we want to live there? The scenery is stunning with a rolling landscape, sweeping views over fields with corn and other fields with cows and horses.

We had brought four small rocks with us from our granddaughters, daughter-in-law and from our condo building in Ashburn. We read two different recommended prayers and climbed up to the top of the pile of rocks that had been left by people over hundreds of years. We carefully place our rocks and took photos and a video. Very emotional.

And now, the not so good things.

We started to hike again and after about two hours and having hiked a couple of miles, the heavy black clouds started to sail in. Then the heavens opened up again, but this time with heavy, heavy downpour, hail for a while, and lightning and thunder. A really severe thunderstorm. We were upon the mountain with nowhere to take shelter. Despite us having rain jackets and rain covers over our back packs, we got soaking wet. The rain came down horizontally in the strong wind.  It took us a couple of hours in the rain to get down to the next village. We walked the road and not the trail as it became muddy and very slippery. Somewhat easier on asphalt but still slippery.

Now the second not so good thing. Both of us developed a pretty bad cold after the hiking in the heavy rain, which we still have. We gave up on hiking for the day, with a couple of hours left, and steep wet slopes downhill. We called for a taxi after reaching the next village, after having something to eat and warm up. Caffe con Leche and a sandwich. It tasted heavenly. The taxi brought us to our hotel in Ponferrada. The taxi ride was also an adventure. The driver had two phones that he constantly talked in, something to do with customers not showing up. And the road down was steep and lots of s-curves.

Yesterday Monday around 1 pm we finally reached our goal for our Camino de Santiago - The Cathedral, Praza do Obradoiro, Santiago de Compostela. It has been a real struggle, a lot of hard work, hiking uphill and downhill and sometimes level, day after day. We have hiked through corn and wheat fields, vegetable fields, cow, horse, goat and sheep areas, through many hamlets, villages, towns and cities. But we never thought about giving up. It was just a great new experience.  Arne wanted to just lie down on the Praza, like the younger ones did, but Eva, who is the smartest one, said Arne could not get up again if he did…

Skulestad, Norway

Photos courtesy of P Bellingham

Join Us For Fun-filled Events Together With Our Sister Lodges In Our Vasa District, PA #9

Why not visit our two sister Lodges within Pennsylvania District #9? The two other lodges are Nobel-Monitor #130 in Cleveland, OH and Drott-Lodge #168 in Washington, D.C. Check out their websites to find out what they are doing.

We plan to have some joint activities together with members of the other two lodges to include some fun events in their areas and we will travel there to spend a day or weekend with them.  We can, to the extent possible, arrange car pooling.

Here are the websites for our two sister Local Lodges and our District Lodge PA #9:


Drott Lodge:  

District Lodge PA #9:

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