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A Swedish-American Fraternal Organization

Instituted May 20, 1914

Erie, Pennsylvania

Photo: Lake Erie,  PBellingham

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The primary mission of each Local Lodge in the VASA Order of America is to perpetuate the noble heritage of our forefathers and to foster Nordic cultural activities by encouragement and example to its members.   With our motto as a foundation,

√Ądelmod, Sanning och Enighet

Generosity, Truth and Unity

 we strive to preserve the noble qualities of our people; to discourage envy, slander and everything that tends to degrade and humiliate.  The VASA Order should unite men and women in its purpose; to contribute to the pursuit of happiness in life, and to assist each other in sickness and distress.  It is our duty as members to have faith in each other, and we should never hesitate to seek or give advice and assistance.  We keep this heritage in solemn memory by working for understanding and knowledge of our ancestors' land and culture.

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Pat Bellingham, Chair

C/O Luther Memorial Church Office: 814.454.0106


225 West 10th Street

Erie, PA 16501

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