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A Swedish-American Fraternal Organization

Instituted May 20, 1914

Erie, Pennsylvania

Photo: Lake Erie,  PBellingham

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We are a Benevolent Society, making monetary contributions to valuable organizations, as well as, collecting tangible donations for local social service agencies.  

We strive to honor our aged members with cards and phone calls to let them know we value them.  Aged members who reside in nursing/care facilities are given their memberships paid for by the Lodge.  The Old Age and Benefit Fund, managed by the Grand Lodge is made available to members with a monetary gift up to $3,000, depending on age and years of membership.

Human Trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in America with profits upwards of $150 BILLION per year.  Our Svea members participated in the SOAP Project - Saving Our Adolescents from Prostitution.  At the February meeting we labeled hundreds of hotel sized bars of soap with the Human Trafficking Hot Line Number on them.  The soaps will be distributed to  local hotels and left in restrooms along interstates and highways, bus stations,  airports, convenience stores.   So far, NWPA SOAP Project has put out more than 15,000 bars of soap - make that 15,300!

Recently, the Human Society rescued 107 cats from one Erie residence.  In March, April, and May we collected items to donate to the Society - paper towels, cleaning products, bleach, old towels, cat toys.  The last day for collection was at the Banquet, May 21st.  Thank you to Cathy Beck for delivering the 3 large bags of items to the shelter.

When we meet again for general business in September, we're doing a Swedish Death Cleaning - minus the Death part.  Members bring in your Swedish memorabilia and decorations to trade or give to another member.  Items not claimed at the end will be donated to a local charity.  Check out the Events tab for more information about Döstädning.

Top Left:  Judy and Lorraine are affixing the Human Trafficking Hot Line # sticker to the back of hotel soaps for the SOAP Project.

Top Right:  Pat is showing the labeled soap that will be distributed to hotels to help keep those properties safe.

Left:  40 dinner bags were assembled for Our Neighbor's Place.  Guests chose from ham, chicken, or PB&J sandwiches, fruit, dessert, chips, and a beverage.  

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Pat Bellingham, Chair

C/O Luther Memorial Church Office: 814.454.0106


225 West 10th Street

Erie, PA 16501

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